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Cycling through Patagonia, Carretera Austral, the southern section

Cycling through Patagonia can offer an adventurer a unique way to see many well-known and breath-taking views, along with stopping in some places that are completely off the beaten track. Due to time constraints we realize that riding down all of the Carretera Austral, a 41 day long expedition, is difficult for many people to find the time for. We have broken the route into several sections allowing for shorter trips, along the same spectacular path. Below we have listed various options for this trip and you may choose the section that best suits your time restraints and desires.

Brief Itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrive to Coyhaique
  • Day 2: Coyhaique – Villa Cerro Castillo
  • Day 3: Villa Cerro Castillo – Puerto Murta
  • Day 4: Puerto Murta – Puerto Bertrand
  • Day 5: Puerto Bertrand – Cochrane
  • Day 6: Cochrane – Caleta Tortel
  • Day 7: Caleta Tortel
  • Day 8: Caleta Tortel – Villa O’Higgins
  • Day 9: Villa O’Higgins – Candelario Mansilla
  • Day 10: Candelario Mansilla – El Chaltén
  • Day 11: El Chalten
  • Day 12: El Calafate

Southern Section This itinerary will take you pedaling from the city of Coihayque to Villa O'Higgins. From Villa O’Higgins you cross Lago O'Higgins on a ferry to reach Estancia Candelario Mansilla, which is a small town on the border of Argentina. Finally you will have to trek to Lago del Desierto and you will end your trip in a small climbers town called El Chalten.

Rio Simpson, Cerro Castillo National Reserve, Glacier San Valentin, Marble Chapels in General Carrera Lake, Rio Baker, Caleta Tortel, Lake O´Higgins, Lago del Desierto, Chalten, Calafate, and more….

Rates and Date

November 04, 2016

$ 1.940.000 CLP

Price per person in chilean pesos, based on a group of 6, ask to include a single suplement if you are a solo traveler

Cycling through Patagonia, Carretera Austral, the southern seccion

  • Length: 12 days / 11 nights
  • Activity Level: Active - experience

Day 1: November 4, 2016:Arrive to Coyhaique
Today you will arrive to Coyhaique. Depending on your flight time you will have time and assistance to look for any last minute gear or supplies.  Our team will have most everything ready, but today is a down day just in case someone forgot something. We will have a nice dinner and get a good night’s sleep before departing for the first day of cycling the next day.

Day 2: November 5, 2016: Coyhaique – Villa Cerro Castillo
Today you will begin cycling shortly after breakfast, as you will be traveling approximately 94 kilometers. The first 40 kilometers will be biked on paved road to El Blanco. The town was a post for travelers and populated by farmers. There are just 500 people that live in the town today. The rest of the trip to Villa Cerro Castillo will be by auto on paved road.

Day 3: November 6, 2016: Villa Cerro Castillo – Puerto Murta
We will start out very early today, because we are going to have a big riding day. The first 50 kilometers of the day will be ridden in a transfer. We will get out of the transfer and continue our way on our bikes. The ride is on gravel and we will continue peddling past beautiful lakes, rivers, and through valleys until we finally reach Puerto Murta. After a long day we will spend the night in this tiny town.

Day 4: November 7, 2016: Puerto Murta – Puerto Bertrand
Today you will begin cycling after breakfast and ride 23 kilometers on gravel road to Puerto Tranquilo. From here it is 78 kilometers on gravel roads to Puerto Bertrand, where the amazing Baker River begins.  Along the route we will pass three lakes, during the summer months the lakes will rise and flood a lot of the area´s farmlands. The portion of the trip will be a mixture of traveling by bike and by auto. Puerto Bertrand is a great place for fly-fishing and we may encounter serious fishermen in this town.

Day 5: November 8, 2016: Puerto Bertrand – Cochrane
After a nutritious breakfast we will begin cycling along Baker River. You will be able to relax and admire the impressive rapids along the way.  We will ride 62 kilometers on gravel road, and cycle over a couple of demanding stretches as we head towards another bigger town. We will stay in a cozy hostel in Cochrane. After today we will be entering some of the most untouched places in Patagonia. Outside of Cochrane you can find San Lorenzo Mount, this is one of the highest peaks in the region (12,158 feet) and on a clear day you can see it in the distance. We will spend the night in Cochrane before delving further into Patagonia!

Day 6: November 9, 2016: Cochrane – Caleta Tortel
Our destination today is Caleta Tortel. You will begin cycling after breakfast and will be traveling approximately 128 kilometers today in total. You will enjoy beautiful views along your 60-kilometer ride on gravel roads to Los Nadis. The rest of the trip will be a mixture of traveling by bike and by auto.  Caleta Tortel is an incredible town built on steep stone cliffs and until 2003 was only accessible by water. Today the town is connected via boardwalks and when you arrive you will have to get a boat-taxi or walk along the boardwalks for about 30 minutes until reaching our final destination in a cozy hostel.

Day 7: November 10, 2016: Caleta Tortel
During our day in Caleta Tortel you will have the option to visit Jorge Montt Glacier via a day trip by boat to see the northern portion of the Southern Ice Fields, which is the third largest fresh water reserve in the world.

Day 8: November 11, 2016: Caleta Tortel – Villa O’Higgins
We will need to start out early today because the journey today is 155 kilometers on gravel roads and on water. We will begin the day by taking a transfer to Puerto Yungay where we will board a boat. This ferry will save us some distance peddling and also make the last leg of our adventure on the Carretera Austral more interesting! After the ferry docks in Rio Bravo we will continue 92 additional kilometers on gravel roads. Finally we will arrive in Villa O´Higgins and prepare for the following day.


Day 9: November 12, 2016: Villa O’Higgins – Candelario Mansilla
Today we will begin our voyage across Lake O’Higgins and Lake San Martin. After breakfast we will cycle about 15 minutes down a gravel road where we will board a ferry. The trip across Lake O´Higgins will take approximately two and a half hours. Once we arrive to the other side of the lake, to Candelario Mansilla, we will stop and relax for the evening. We will eat dinner here and sleep in basic accommodations. Tomorrow will be our last day cycling and you will have finished your journey peddling through Patagonia.


Day 10: November 13, 2016: Candelario Mansilla – El Chaltén
We will begin today hiking and cycling for about four to six hours. The distance is only 22 kilometers, but the trail is not very well maintained. Although it will be difficult, it will add an aspect of true adventure and wilderness to your ride. Finally you will reach Lago Del Desierto. Here you board another ferry that will take us across Lago del Desierto to a road that leads to El Chaltén. As we arrive into town you will notice the amazing peaks that made this area famous. On a clear day you will see Fitz Roy towering above the town. It is a short 40-kilometer drive to El Chaltén.

Day 11: November 14, 2016: El Chaltén
Today is a free day. Use the day to explore the small town of El Chaltén or rest up!


Day 12: November 15, 2016: El Calafate
End of Services with Dittmar Adventures, let us know if you need help arriving at your next destination.

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